Apprentice Employer of the Year

This award recognises outstanding commitment to apprentices and apprenticeships by an organisation. It is open to employers of all sizes who have put inclusive and equitable apprenticeships at the heart of their business and who are providing skills development that is making a difference.


  • ​Judges are looking for employers who can demonstrate their contribution, commitment and success to apprentices, and can demonstrate how successful apprenticeships have been in their organisation.

Other considerations when completing the nomination form:

  • Bring to life the benefits of apprentices through the ROI for your business, Consider how they progress through your business and how your organisation embeds proactive inclusion for apprentices to advance into senior roles. Analyse how your apprentice programme has evolved and offers different types and levels of apprenticeships. What percentage of your workforce make up apprenticeships and how have apprenticeships helped you to grow your own talent.
  • ​​​How do apprenticeships support your current and future skills needs, and fill any skills gaps your business may have.
  • How have apprenticeships directly or indirectly contributed to the success of your business and how critical are they to the success of your organisation.
  • What steps do you take to ensure your apprenticeship programme is diverse (representative of the company's geographic population) and inclusive ​(proactively promotes belonging and equitable treatment of​ from diverse backgrounds).

Last year's winner